to thine own self be true


In this land of infinite opportunity
You will find me boundless.

I courageously dive into the great unknown.

Intuition is my guide.

Vulnerability is my strength.

Love is the flame in my heart that wills me to use 

my voice, my actions, my thoughts for the highest good.


In this Cosmic Dance of Light & Shadow 

I transmute darkness to weave light into matter & heaven unto earth.


I release control & flow with natures rhythms as I witness the blossoming of my destiny. 

I am eternally grateful for the lessons & blessings that come with every rise & fall. I am grateful for all of my family, friends and those that have come before me seen and unseen that support my experience.


This is my multi dimensional expression of my service to restoring balance, peace & love on this earth.


This is my open diary. My dialogue with self. The study of my heART.


Welcome to my channel- All is welcome to tune in. 


[May We Deepen Our Relation To All Creation]

Cathryn Rose de Leon